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A.Astrophysics, Cosmology
A Astrophysics, Cosmology A0 General (series, annual reviews)
A00 Introduction A02 History
A03 Popular works A04 Reference books
A11 Astrophysics A12 Space plasma
A13 High energy A14 Radio astronomy
A17 Cosmochemistry A18 Astrobiology
A2 Positional astronomy, Geodesy A21 Earth rotation
A28 Chronology A29 Ephemerides
A3 Celestial mechanics A40 Solar system
A41 Planets A42 Moon
A43 Meteors, Comets A49 Catalog of the Solar Planets
A5 Sun A59 Solar spectrum
A60 Stars A61 Stellar structure and evolution
A62 Stellar atmospheres and spectols A63 Physics of compact objects
A69 Star charts, Star catalogs A70 Interstellar matter
A71 Stellar matter A72 The Galaxy
A79 Catalog of clusters and nebulae A8 Cosmology
A81 Relativistic astrophysics A82 Galaxies
A89 Catalog of galaxies A9 Instrumentations
A91 Observatories A92 Astronomical optics
A95 Data processing A99 Space developments
G.Earth Sciences
G Earth Sciences G0 General (series, annual reviews)
G00 Introduction G02 History
G03 Popular works G04 Reference books
G1 The Earth G2 Meteorology
G3 Upper atmosphere G4 Geology
M Mathematics M0 General (series, annual reviews)
M00 Introduction M02 History
M03 Popular works M04 Reference books
M05 Japanese mathematics M1 Theory of numbers
M2 Algebla M3 Theory of fuctions
M4 Analysis M5 Geometry
M6 Topological mathematics M71 Numerical calculations
M72 Calculus tables M8 Probabilities, Statistics
M9 Information science M99 Computers
)P Physics P0 General (series, annual reviews)
P00 Introduction P02 History
P03 Popular works P04 Reference books
P1 Mathematical physics P2 Mechanics
P3 Vibrations, Acoustics P4 Optics
P41 Spectroscopy P5 Thermics
P6 Electricity, Magnetism P71 Hydrodynamics
P72 Plasma physics P8 Atomic & Nuclear physics
P9 Relativity PC Chemistry
S.Natural Sciences Engineering
S Natural Sciences Engineering S0 General (series, annual reviews)
S00 Introduction S02 History
S03 Popular works S04 Reference books,
Chronological scientific
S06 Life science S1 General, Materials
S2 Civil engineering S3 Mechanical engineering
S4 Electrical engineering, Electronics S5 Other engineerings
T Others T0 General
T1 Philosophy, Religion T2 History, Geology
T3 Social sciences T6 Industry
T7 Arts T8 Language, Dictionaries
T9 Literature
Others.Special materials
KAKEN Grants -in-aid-for scientific research GAKUI Dissertation
SYMP Proceedings of Symposium
Audio visual materials DVD
NAOJ publications Tokyo Astronomical Observatory
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
(Mitaka campus)
Okayama campus, NAOJ
Nobeyama campus, NAOJ
Mizusawa campus, NAOJ
Hawaii campus, NAOJ