The view of detailed information (Journal)

  • Bibliography
    Bibliographic information of materials.
    Title, format, statement of responsibility, language, publication information, etc. are displayed.
  • Holdings
    It is the possession information on data.
      Location, call number, years, volumes are displayed.
  •   Accession list
      For each location, accession information is displayed.
    The volume, issue, number, part, publication date, accession date, location, status, comment are displayed.
  • Binding info
    For each location, binding information is displayed.
    Bind volumes, bind year, location, call number, status, comments are displayed.
  • Bibliography detail
    Bibliography detail information.
    Other titles, publication status, frequency, theme, classification, subject, notes etc. are displayed.
  • The following operations can be performed to this bibliographic information by the button under the book image.
    • Text: A file is outputted in text form.
    • Email: Bibliographic items are transmitted by e-mail.
    • Print: A screen suitable for printing is displayed.
    • Link This Page: URL of the present page is displayed.